Lance Wolf Says:

"Hey guys I am so excited that Eric Hardwick is offering this service! Just to give you my personal experience Eric is second to none when it comes to hiring the best virtual assistants and training them to fit your needs. The relationship that he builds with these employees from the Philippines is incredible. The virtual assistant that Eric supplied me with is awesome! Within the first week Eric’s VA that he set me up with was already finding incredible deals. The communication is also outstanding with my VA. Eric stresses to his VA’s that communication is very important. I get a spreadsheet every single day and a message from my VA notifying me that he is working. Thanks Eric this has changed my whole entire business!!!”

Barrington McIntosh Says:

“Eric found and personally trained my VA, and each week I get some great product finds. This serves as another stream of income for me and my ROI is very good after paying my VA and using the product finds... Thanks Eric Hardwick”

Ken Kelley Says:

“Hiring a VA is something I have wanted to do for months; but I used every excuse possible to delay that decision. When I finally decided to take the plunge, I called on Eric Hardwick to assist me. And boy am I glad I did. He helped me find the right fit for the tasks I needed assistance with. And so far, my profits since hiring my VA have increased far more than what I have paid out in salary. Now I wonder why I waited so long to decide.”

Mike Pimco Says:

"This was such slam dunk, that I immediately asked Eric to train a 2nd VA who's product finds ended up paying for the monthly cost of both VA's on her very first day."

Sharon Watts Says:

"I have tried to train and hire VA's on my own but never got the consistent results Eric's VA's are providing me. If you are ready to utilize the services of a VA for sourcing, you can't go wrong with Eric Hardwick's VA Service!"

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